Sunday, September 14, 2014


Have you seen them?  The "TESTS" that everyone is taking on line.  "Just for fun"  they say.  You know the ones.  "Do you need to get a life? Are you a worrywort? Are you a neat freak, lazy, a fierce competitor?"  In just 10 questions "they" can interpret your most deep seeded personality traits.  The one that caught my eye and my ire recently was "How young are you at heart?"  Always such fixation on being young.  So I took the test.  (C'mon you knew I was going to.)  The result....good news!  I'm 21- at least in the eyes of the computer.  It got me to thinking........why this preoccupation with youth?  
So I  put together my own test.  No research behind this one - just life experience. (wow what value is in that "they asked".)  Here are the questions,  If you're game - go ahead and take this test. It's a simple True or False. There won't be a score at the end but I do expect there will be a revelation.  The title of this test?   "Are you a grown up?"

1.   I am saving 10% to 15% or more of my salary. 
2.   I eat right and take exercise seriously.
3.   I respect others - their time, their talents and their tenacity.
4.   I believe in forgiveness, forgiveness of others and myself because human beings are flawed.
5.   I know that I don't know all there is to know so I make an effort to continue to grow.
6.   I am responsible for myself, and my behavior.
7.   I know that relationships are a two way street and take work on both sides. 
8.   I give back.
9.   I know that what is of value in life can not be bought or sold.
10. I have learned that love is the reason we are here.

How did you do?  You aced them all? 

CONGRATULATIONS -- you are finally a grown up. Age is a number - youth is not the goal. Spiritual, and intellectual growth and maturity-  now you've achieved something!

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