Monday, August 18, 2014

I Know That Spring Will Come!

“If winter comes, can spring be far behind?"

-Percy Bysshe Shelley


Ode to the West Wind

I have been blessed to know many friends and family that are in the winter of their life.  It has caused me to look at life and think about the order of things.  Take a moment and look at the world.   Notice that there is clearly an “order”, “design”, a “plan.”

Consider the seasons.  The first fresh scent of spring, the sticky humidity of summer, the smoke-filled, golden essence of fall, and the crisp snap of the frost of winter. Just as you think you can’t bear to hear the crunch of snow under your boot for one more day the first signs of spring appear.  The daffodils poke their brave heads through the soil as if to say, “Me first!” The leaves on the trees unfurl almost overnight. The birds are busier than ever planning for their new family members soon to arrive.  Life begins again.

Consider the sunrise. A simple day begins at dawn with the first pink hue, followed by a glint of the sun’s rays over the horizon.  High overhead the sun warms the earth and activity abounds.  In late afternoon the hustle dies down and before long the sun dips below the horizon to give us rest in the soft breeze of night.  We do not doubt that there will be another sunrise.

Consider your loved ones.  When my children were little, I felt like I was the only one who had “been so tired” or “worried myself silly” or “loved so much”.  Now I realize this love is not a thread between my children and me but instead a circle that came through me from my own Mother and Father and into my children.  So it goes.

When I stand on the shore, watching the waves gently break, my toes awash in foam, I can’t see the other shore but yet I know that it is there. Even when we don’t know what is next that is okay too.  Does the baby in her mother’s womb worry about the transition from the safety of her world to the open spaces of this?  Hardly, because it is part of a grand design, a perfect plan, the order of things.

Then why do we have so much fear of dying?  We don’t want to talk about it, or prepare our loved ones to manage the circumstances when we die. Simply observing the natural order of things would lead us to believe that death is as much a part of the process as birth. Embracing the notion that dying is nothing more than another transition allows us to take away the fear.  It is because we know there is order, symmetry, and a circle of continued expansion that we can feel confident that we are headed toward a new beginning. 

We can’t see the other shore, yet we know that it is there. 
When each baby is born we celebrate a new beginning.
At the end of each day we look forward to another sunrise.

Open your eyes and your heart to embrace the order of things.
There is no reason to fear,
       Spring will come.

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