Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Memory Song

The Memory Song

I am here, my heart, my soul,
but Alzheimer's I can't control.
I can still feel your touch,
see your eyes I loved so much.

You still know me, you remember,
all the things we did together.
In your memory I still thrive,
my laugh, my smile, I still survive.

As long as you remember when...
inside your heart I live within.
Alzheimer's so high the cost,
but while you're here I am not lost.



  1. Cyndi,
    Love the "Memory Song." A good friend of ours just lost his wife to Alzheimers. For the last 6 or so months she had been in a nursing home in Concord. Her husband sold their house in Huntersville and bought a condo to be close to her. He visited every day and would be there to feed her. On his visits he would get down on her eye level, clap his hands really loud and say something special to her. All of a sudden, out of that blank stare would come the most beautiful smile you could ever see and a moment of recognition. It didn't last long, but he cherished those moments. - Karen

  2. Karen - my heart goes out to your friend and every family member that walks this path with their loved one. There is hope on the horizon - lots of breakthroughs lately in potential treatments and understanding of this horrible disease. In the meantime - our support for those who are struggling with the disease and those who are close to them is paramount. Sounds like you have been that for your friend - God Bless!