Monday, May 5, 2014


Welcome to a blog devoted to seniors and their families who are traveling the path of aging.  I hope to share some of my experience walking the path of aging with my own parents and also what I have learned from working with others who are also traveling this way. 

As a CERTIFIED SENIOR ADVISOR * I am on a mission to advise seniors and their family members on viable options and considerations in senior care decisions, dementia care where appropriate, and just the day to day process of what I like to call "reading the signs."

I invite you to also include your stories.  Sometimes just knowing that others are also facing the same life experiences can be comforting and educational.  For today I'll just leave you with one of my favorite quotes.... it's an Old Irish Proverb that states:

                               "Do not resent growing old, as many are denied the privilege"

                                                                                                            Irish Proverb

Best to you,


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